Charlotte & Christopher

We arrived in Naboomspruit the Friday before the Wedding and we did not know what to expect. Tired and hungry after the long drive we decided to visit the Mount Aqua Wedding Venue first the next day.

First we look the wrong rout to the Venue and landed up driving through deep sand with my little Honda and that is how the adventure of this beautiful wedding started.

We arrived at the venues gates and it didn't look like much. It was only when we passed the big trees...

It took away mt breath, it was the most beautiful view. Mountains and open fields, a silhouette of horses running in the distance and the sun setting behind the mountain for the night.

Saturday started with delicious breakfast at De Beer Huis in Naboomspruit and then the hard work started. Christopher and Charlotte getting dressed, Charlotte was calm and surrounded by family. This time the men were more stresses up then the ladies.

Everything went well and according to time and so the wedding started.

"You may kiss the Bride"

Drive to the venue we had a good chat with Christopher's twin brother Nicholas. These two brothers I know from my school days. Twins, I almost forgot to tell Kelly (the other Photographer) about the identical twin brothers that she needs to photograph. But it all went well and the photos are beautiful

Couple shoot was the best couple shoot I have ever had. Everything just happened at the perfect time. We were on our way from one spot to the next when w saw the perfect photo from the car. We stopped and got the bride and groom walk down the dirt road with the mountains and sun in front of them. It was like a painting. The perfect painting. And it only get better...

The location we were on our way to was empty horse stalls...when we arrived there the horses were all on their way in from the fields and we got THE PERFECT shots with the couple in front of the horses with the sun shining through the trees and the beautiful twilight colours make the images magnificent.

The rest of the wedding was a breeze after the best couple shoot I have ever had!

This was a special wedding and a special day made perfect through Mother Nature!


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