Savannah - Nature & Confidence

The girl with magic in her eyes and fire in her heart...

We did a photo session for Savannah over Easter weekend and I could see how her confidence grew as the sky turned into twilight. I asked her to send me some of her quotes she's written - so I can share it with the world.

Savannah is a teenager turning 18 in December - she is not only a beautiful young lady, but also has a few interesting hobbies and talents. She is passionate about nature - loves gardening and definitely has green fingers. She also has a beautiful soprano voice....and the best for last - she wrights. How amazing?

"Just like seed, our thoughts has fallen to the ground. Do not fear for flowers will grow, to spread its seeds for the pure purpose of produce something just as beautiful"

- Savannah

"People should act more like nature. Seeds are thrown upon the ground. they use the Earth's tears to grow. Through that period they develop flowers to spread seeds for the pure purpose of growing something just as beautiful"

- Savannah

It was an adventure - never look past the beauty and magic just because you are growing up....

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