Hello there!

I am Karla, the owner and main photographer at Snowflake

Photography. I am a passionate photographer based in

Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa. I am so lucky to

be doing something I love every day - photography!


Running my own business was never part of the dream when

growing up, but I am enjoying every moment of it. Being my

own boss and having lots to do is something I had to get

used to and it is definitely worth all the hard work and long



I started photographing my dollhouse with my dad's film

camera and that is when I fell in love with photography for

the first time. It was something magical to me, I could freeze

a moment and capture it in an image - that I still have today.


When I started my Graphic Design studies at Open Window,

photography didn't even cross my mind as a career. I started

learning so much more about photography and got my

degree in Photography instead.

I starting Snowflake Photography after my studies and during this time I made some wonderful friends and I realized how lucky I am to have a job I love doing...and so my business started taking off!

Over the past 5 years, Snowflake Photography grew into an established photography company with a team of wonderful photographer and we also train and mentor students.

Photographs aren't just pictures, they are moments frozen in time.

Meet my team...

Running a business on my own always sounds easy, but I have been so busy and fully booked, that I decided to introduce young photographers to my business.

Snowflake Photography has some young associates that joined the team. The three of us will be capturing your special moments under the Snowflake Photography style and guidelines.

I have been working with these ladies for a while and I shaped them to be the best possible associate for my business. They will be located to shoots by me and I will choose the best associate for your needs.

Meet the team and book us here

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